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We have worked with numerous businesses, service organizations, faith communities and schools. Our typical clients are management or leadership teams, faculties, staffs, boards. Here are comments from some of our clients.

"Your workshop on relationships set just the right tone for our beginning to work together and helping us have more meaningful conversations."

"You make communicating seem like a delightful, rewarding effort."


"Your presence during our work was so meaningful.  Your ability to guide us through the process and develop our relational trust established a foundation for our team.  Thank you for your commitment, compassion and patience."

"Thank you, Shyrl!  Your ease, kindness and ability to draw us into the process were wonderful!" 


"This was a great process.   It is scary to plan a meeting where participation is more of a focus than input, but it's crucial to take such risks, even in large group meetings."


"I want to thank you, most profoundly, for shepherding us so thoroughly through the process  . . .  I have been [here] for six years and had never felt such a solid consensus." 
"I deeply appreciate the process that you led us through . . . You have real gifts of sensitivity, insight, focus and vision.  You will impact many people."

"Thank you so much for all of your patience, guidance and hard work.  It was truly a pleasure to work with you.  I learned so much."


"You helped me to have better understanding of how each individual has their unique characteristics [preferences] in making choices and planning.   Everyone has a common goal and we must be open for suggestions and options rather than shutting down everything . . ."


"Everybody appreciated the thinking positive approach, the group interaction, the opportunity to dream the big picture, and the ease and firmness with which you conducted the retreat."


"Thank you for opening my eyes to Appreciative Inquiry!"


"Wonderful facilitation -- well done!"


"You do the right amount of push and pull!"


"Appreciative Inquiry makes such sense!  We got to talk about our ideas in fresh language and we stayed focused."


"Fantastic!  She does an excellent job.  She's enjoyable, funny and informative.  I really enjoyed the process."


"This is the third time I have taken the Myers-Briggs [Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®] in fifteen years and this is the first time that it has gone anywhere with me.  It was a very positive experience working with you." 


"I have had the opportunity to experience your talents in many different ways and all have been most pleasurable.  You do your job with tremendous charm and graciousness."


"I cannot thank you enough for your guidance, expertise, advice and facilitation.  This strategic planning process was so much more enjoyable thanks to you!"


"Thanks for all you've done to help us find our identity and move towards a broader, exciting future.  Your assistance in getting us focused on our vision has been incredibly helpful."